Ftc engineering notebook business plan

It includes CAD drawings, screen captures, or neat hand drawn illustrations of detailed robot design. Entries should be chronological order in daily entries with each new day on a separate page. There also some specific requirements for the awards listed there.

The Challenge team builds upon the chassis by adding strategic mechanisms, such as a robotic arm or elevator. They all also follow the same formatting, so that it remains organized and easy to read for everyone.

The team can still function effectively even without its expected leaders. During the build season, circumstances beyond the team's control may force a critical mentor or student to leave. This is a section talking about non-robot build activities the team has been involved with.

A business plan, strategic plan or sustainability plan. Many teams include a photo of each team member in their team uniform to help judges keep track of who is who during judging.

Each page shoudl include the person's name, age or school year, interests, reason for joining the FTC team, and their roles on the team. These help the reader clearly identify the changes made to a program and why they were made. A capable senior class graduates each year.

There are two programs for high school students: A full record of Team Combustion's history, including photo and video galleries as well as our award-winning submissions, can be found on the Team website.

Communications Meeting Notes This section focuses on the majority of things non-robot, except for our meeting notes. Having those pictures makes judging easier and your team more memorable.

It explores questions like: We plan extensively to reduce their chance of occurring and to minimize their impact should they occur. Identifies critical pages in the notebook for the judges inspection. Annual ice cream sales at school, team merchandise marketing at our hosted events, and sponsored art raffles enable us to acquire additional funds.

Each year, we hold fundraising activities to supplement the grants we receive. Just as oxygen nourishes fire with energy, mentors provide their invaluable experience and knowledge.

We will strengthen financial contacts with regional and local businesses. Team should tab or flag pages that support entries noted in the Summary Page. Each meeting note entry contains a photo and a caption. Photographs of the process, pictures, drawings, and details at all stages of the design are incorporated.

Here are the guidelines from the manual. These will be featured in another post.

Engineering Notebook

This should be handed to them by the team during the interview as well as on-hand in the pits for any judges or other people who visit the team there.

Some general talking points: Add information on Flagged pages that the judges should review to see the big days in your season. Attached are some examples of meeting notes entries. Make sure whatever form you use, it is neat and professional. These elements are combined in "Burnie", our animated mascot.

FRC, the "Varsity Sport for the Mind," focuses on large-scale design and fabrication of a complex robot.

Engineering Notebook Overview

It should include the daily notes, drawings, relevant CAD printouts, etc. There also some specific requirements for the awards listed there. This new method of formatting allows us to tell the judges a story, rather than just using meeting notes like we previously did to talk about our robot.

Identifies critical pages in the notebook for the judges inspection. This section also contains information and documentation related to our outreach with 9 Dots, so it contains all the lesson plans and some presentation materials that we created.

There is no distinction made between handwritten and electronic Engineering Notebooks during judging; each format is equally acceptable. Mentioning that you asked for and received financial assistance, as well as charged an activity fee.

Includes highlights of the team's season. FTC Engineering Notebook Cover Page: Team Name Team number Location Logo Business Plan Section: Narrow it down to goals that are manageable within this season FTC Season Events – Find FTC events in your area.

Here is our business plan for the Res-Q season. Business Plan. All about the FTC Engineering Notebook Engineering notebook is a tool you can use to show how your team works, what you do, and the concepts you are exploring with your sponsors and potential sponsors.

pages for your engineering notes. -. What are the FIRST® Tech Challenge Engineering Notebook Guidelines? A Business plan ii. A Strategic plan iii. A Sustainability plan Engineering Notebook Tips to Help your Team Stand Out 1.


Every Notebook is a work in progress, forever changing and developing. Judges do not want to see a. A business plan, strategic plan or sustainability plan. The notebook can have other sections but must have, at least, the three noted above. Additional sections commonly seen in notbooks include.

Our notebook is divided up into four sections: Team, Programming, Engineering, and Business Plan. Dropbox Every member of our team has a dropbox account, and we all have access to a shared folder called FTC

Ftc engineering notebook business plan
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Business Plan - Team Combustion