Discrimination diversity and recruitment processes

Encourage as many suitable people as possible to apply. The recruitment agency may also be liable for assisting the discrimination. Preparing for the interview The interview should be conducted at a venue that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Employers and recruitment professionals should carefully review and plan their interview process.

A step-by-step guide to preventing discrimination in recruitment

Employers should ensure that tests and selection procedures are properly validated for the positions and purposes for which they are used. When doing so, they will typically refer to all aspects of the recruitment process which they consider to have disadvantaged them, in order to build a picture of the employer as generally discriminatory in approach.

Example of discrimination when short-listing The manager of a large hotel is responsible for recruiting a receptionist and engages a recruitment agency to short-list applicants.

Using only an online portal for applications could deter applicants with certain forms of disabilities from applying, as they may have difficulty accessing the system or navigating through the application process.

Under certain circumstances, additional references may be contacted if additional information is needed e. It encourages acceptance and creativity, widens workforce skill sets and makes your company more resilient. If you do not take reasonable measures to prevent your staff from acting in a discriminatory way, you may be held responsible for their actions see the fact sheet Vicarious liability.

Ask the interview candidate if they need any special assistance to participate in the interview. Be excited and enthusiastic about the offer and let them know you are excited about them joining your team. The interview panel engages in small talk with Cheryl at the start of the interview and one panel member asks Cheryl if she has any children.

When you are clear about the genuine requirements of the job, you can identify what specific information you need from the job applicants and why you need it. Think about whether you need to adjust the process to accommodate the needs of applicants from different cultural backgrounds or people with disabilities.

Resources Northwestern provides resources to prevent discrimination, foster diversity and assist community members with disabilities. For employers who genuinely wish to attract the widest pool possible, real care and attention should be paid to the way in which positions are advertised and depicted, so that applicants do not self-select out of the process from the start.

Consider including a diversity statement in the job description that encourages people from different backgrounds to apply, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from culturally and linguistically diverse CALD backgrounds and people with disabilities.

Because the references are assured their input is not personally identifiable, they tend to be more forthcoming and have a high response rate.

Skills demonstrations, such as requiring applicants to demonstrate how to perform a task specific to the position they are applying to, are considered tests and must be validated.


It is a position for which he already has employment experience. Follow the same principles that apply to interviewing people with other disabilities when interviewing candidates with these characteristics.

A step-by-step guide to preventing discrimination in recruitment

Seeking information from a candidate with a disability You may, in certain circumstances, have to ask a candidate with a disability for information about the disability so that you can determine whether he or she will be able to perform the requirements of the job, or to assess any health and safety risks for the candidate or others in your workplace.

Impact Assessments Training/Workshops/Education and a programme to enhance managers’ capabilities and confidence in working across diversity and progressing equalities in the workplace was undertaken, including anti-discrimination legislation and the Authority’s role as a provider of high quality services, and being an employer of choice.

Just How Fair Is Positive Discrimination? Posted by Susanna Quirke, 13th June Shared: Views: Increase Diversity Through Improved Recruitment and Hiring Processes. Submit. While true meritocracy remains the gold standard in recruitment processes, it’s up to you how you go about chasing it.

Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion Recruit, hire, and promote with EEO principles in mind, by implementing practices designed to widen and diversify the pool of candidates considered for employment openings, including openings in upper level management. Diversity Issues for Recruitment and Selection of Staff discrimination.

Equality and diversity in recruitment and selection

Race Race refers to a group of people defined by their colour, nationality (including policies, practices and processes that may not have been designed with racism in mind, but which have the effect of.

With the main focus on the interview process, these four points from Kelly’s book Integrate Diversity into Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring also involve recruiting and hiring: Part One Identify barriers to inclusive recruitment, interviewing and hiring.

Northwestern provides resources to prevent discrimination, foster diversity and assist community members with disabilities.

Just How Fair Is Positive Discrimination?

Feel free to contact our office at [email protected] or by phone at if you need a reasonable accommodation or access to .

Discrimination diversity and recruitment processes
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